Guido Li Volsi
Flight Crew Licence
Professor of Physiology
*State University - Italy
*Last Position


During his scientific activity, prof. Li Volsi has acquired skills in numerous physiological, pathophysiological and regulatory issues.

In particular, he is an expert in the following fields:

    Cellular functions in physiological conditions and particular environmental stresses;
    Permeability of cell membranes and transport;
    Electrical properties of membrane;
    Ion channels and intercellular communication;
    Coding of sensory information;
    Motor functions and their organization;
    Neural networks;
    Vascular pathologies;
    Organs, systems and related control.

    Human factor
    Air Law

The professor. Li Volsi has published numerous printed works in national and international periodicals.

    He is author      of the text: The Functioning of Cells and Molecules - Edises - ITA
             co-author of the text: Fisiologia - EdiErmes - ITA
             co-author of the text: Drug Delivery Across Physiological Barriers - Pan Stanford Publishing - USA