Guido Li Volsi
Professor of Physiology, Human Factor & Air law
Flight Crew Licence - IT FCL 21318
*it.ato.0043 (Flight School) - **State University - Italy

*Now       **Past     


During his scientific activity, prof. Li Volsi has acquired skills in numerous physiological, pathophysiological and regulatory issues.

In particular, he is an expert in the following fields:

    Cellular functions in physiological conditions and particular environmental stresses;
    Permeability of cell membranes and transport;
    Electrical properties of membrane;
    Ion channels and intercellular communication;
    Coding of sensory information;
    Motor functions and their organization;
    Neural networks;
    Vascular pathologies;
    Organs, systems and related control.

After obtaining the Private Pilot Licence, prof. Li Volsi specialized his knowledge in

    Human Factor and Flight
    Air Law.

Prof. Li Volsi has published numerous printed works in national and international periodicals.

    He is author of the text: The Functioning of Cells and Molecules - Edises - ITA
        co-author of the text: Fisiologia - EdiErmes - ITA
        co-author of the text: Drug Delivery Across Physiological Barriers - Pan Stanford Publishing - USA