Guido Li Volsi
Professor of Physiology, Human Factor & Air law
Flight Crew Licence - IT FCL 21318
*it.ato.0043 (Flight School) - **State University - Italy

*Now       **Past     



During his activity, first as a Cavalry Officer and, later, as an Academician at the University of Catania,
prof. Li Volsi has acquired knowledge that also embraces the following fields:

Public and Private Ceremonial;
Academic Diplomacy;
Counseling & Management.

In these areas, he has held various reports at local public bodies.
For over a decade, prof. Li Volsi had coordination and responsibility tasks within the Academic Ceremonial (conferral of Honorary Degrees and inauguration of the Academic Years).

Prof. Li Volsi interacted with
with the Ceremonial Office of the Presidency of the Italian Republic on the occasion of the presence of the Head of State at the Ceremony of inauguration of the Academic Year 2013-2014 at the University of Catania.