Guido Li Volsi
Professor of Physiology, Human Factor & Air law
Flight Crew Licence - IT FCL 21318
*it.ato.0043 - Flight School - **State University - Italy

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Weight & Balance




     The links below refer to examples of loading and centering modules for some Piper, Tecnam and Diamond

       The graphs relating to P2006T and P92 JS have been constructed, by dividing the area between variable
       loads (PIC, Co-P/Passenger, Passengers, Fuel and Baggage) and fixed load (aircraft).

       The final plots are indicative and, when different, do not replace those obtainable through the use of the
       calculation criteria reported in the official flight manuals.


P2002JF P92 JS P2006T (T) P2006T (F) DA 40 PIPER PA28RT-201